What have you noticed about inspiring business leaders? 

Is it their passion? Their business acumen? Their people skills? Their balls of steel?

Or the way that they attract support from every side, like sandflies on a tender ankle on a West Coast beach. The way we just can’t wait to rally to them, wax lyrical about their products and services, to tell our friends about them and to fantasise about being that sort of leader too.

Even if your business culture is a culture of one, it’s the most fundamental piece of the jigsaw. When you and your staff can articulate what it is you stand for, why you’re in business and what part they can play in bringing your vision to life, decisions just become easier.

This is foundational stuff. Doesn’t mean it’s easy: that’s why so few of us take the time and care to sit down and think it through. But if you build a business based on your unique vision, values and skills, something magical happens...

We like Ang’s “direct” nature and refreshing approach to branding and marketing. - We enjoy having someone with drive on board!
— Lee Harper, pcMedia