How does it look from the important side?

I was working with a client this week, and one of the things that came up was a letter they received from the CEO of one of their suppliers.

The letter informed them of a price increase that was coming on 1 December - what it didn't tell them  was how much the increase was and which products it applied to. 

Long story short was it took 3 emails back and forth directly to the CEO, in which my client tried to explain the impact on his business of a price rise and how important it was to know what and how much the price rise applied to.  Finally they did get an indication of what the price rise might be, but the real result was a huge missed opportunity for the CEO to show his client (my client) that he really did understand their customers business - and of course that he cared.  engagement zero -  annoyed factor 10.

More concerning was that the rep and the warehouse of this company had no knowledge of the price rise or even the content of the letter - and were fielding the calls and emails from disgruntled customers all over the country. 

What had started with good intent, (to let customers know about a price rise)  was a poorly thought through strategy that was executed badly.  The CEO (and maybe his team) didn't think through the impact on external and internal stakeholders.  His staff were fire fighting, time and energy were wasted (think $) it lowered morale and trust and as for their customers  - they disengaged, opinions were lowered and respect was lost. - in short a customer service disaster. 

If you have something coming up that will impact your customers - sit in their seat, put their eyes on and see what it looks like from their shoes, the strategy will be easier to formulate and the path will be much clearer.    It comes down to culture in the company,   simply,  are you customer centric or not.   

What is your culture? And how does that roll for your stakeholders?


Marketing Schmarketing

I have pretty much spent that last 15 years defending marketing.  It gets a beating.  its undervalued, misunderstoond and taken for granted, in short it gets a pretty bad rap.

And actually some of its justified, there are some pretty crappy campaigns out there that are designed to take your money and leave a big hole in your wallet and you wanting.  Some people think marketing is about ads or low prices. It's not. It's about trust, connection, promises and fundamentally who we are.

Why you do what you do,  and how you do it - its that simple - but this gets lost in the day to day busyness of doing, and the value of it is forgotten.

Potential clients have said to me - oh yeah we will get you in- but right now my business is going pretty good.  We are busy. 

What happens when its not.

What have you got to fall back on?  Where are your foundations?  Have you built a following of engaged stakeholders (read customers promoters, word of mouth lovers)  do you know what you are made of - can you still see the path to your goals?

When your business is going well is the PERFECT time to do the work, to know what you are made of, and who you are in service to.  You need to be connecting, (talking engaging) and taking them along for the ride, after all you never know when you might need them.


Fear - The killer of the beginning

I have found Suits.  Probably a little late to the party, I am what the Madge badge people call a late adaptor...although I have binge watched all 6 seasons in 2 weeks, ( I know a Harvey, Donna Louis Mike immersion fest - bliss)  - so I wonder if that makes me 'an accelerated to back of the queue of the early adaptors....??  is there even a badge for this ...but I digress.

The Power of Asking

Recently I was involved in an incredible project.  A friend thought it would be a good idea to ride from Cape Reinga to Bluff (for all you non NZ readers - that's the top of our country to the bottom)  2100km odd - in a time that beat the current record of 4 days 17 hours and 40 minutes.  I know, its bonkers - and he not only wanted to break the record he wanted to raise money for kids-

Follow the leader

 was at a conference last week - love conferences, even for the simple fact they let you have time out of the fishbowl to look at things differently, anyhow, it was a fantastic conference actually, full of inspiring people, empowering people and collaborative energy. It was uplifting and wonderful and a stark contrast to the pretty poor examples of bad horrible nasty yucky leadership on the internet of late -  It got me thinking about leadership, what ARE the qualities that we need in our businesses, in our families, and in our communities? 

A host of golden daffodils - A further post in the YEEHA pages

Something came to fruition in our community here yesterday- a project that was the brainchild of a very talented potter - Fran Maguire.  It was over 2 years in the making and involved a large merry band of volunteers.  It was driven by Fran and another amazing woman, Kate Vavasour.    What I found so inspirational about this project was it involved a whole community to be.

The YEEHA! pages

I don't know about you - but I am ready for hearing/reading different stories.
Stories that are uplifting, ones that celebrate the good stuff that is happening in our communities and our world,   ones that champion the kind things people do every day in many ways.   Without turning into Pollyanna – imagine even for a moment how differently we could feel if we were surrounded by these stories most of the time - imagine the different world we could create if we suddenly witnessed the good stuff happening instead of focussing on the awful.

I'm gonna feed that one.....

Phew what a week - and its Wednesday!  What a week!  With all that's happening in the world,  its an interesting time, an emotional time, and some pretty ugly stuff is being shown in our media, on social media streams and its just plain yuck.  And I found myself being sucked into the crap energy of it all, and it wasn't any fun.  Then some good stuff showed up - as yin yang laws (or whatever you like to call it) teaches us.