Marketing Schmarketing

I hear nearly every day some reference or a direct comment about what fluff and nonsense marketing is – how marketers are just colouring in, they mislead, how marketers are out to pull the wool over your eyes, to trick you into believing – stuff


We all know there are people with less than exemplary ideals in all professions

I want to make a stand for fabulous marketing

Marketing done with heart, values and grace.  Marketing done with the customers shoes on.

Marketing is done right when it identifies your values and aligns your big vision with these values.  It becomes the foundation of your business.  It’s the solid rock which your business rests on, it’s the cushion in rough times to absorb shocks and also to rest on - to re-evaluate and return to so you can remember why.  It’s also where you lead from.  It makes all the other stuff easy. Strategies fall into place and feel right, staff have direction, climb on board and are engaged, the fog clears – and goodness me you can see the horizon and beyond.  AND you don’t look the least bit like your competitor – you look like yourself. 

So enough of the berating and how about we start valuing – and evaluating fabulous marketing– what do your foundations look like?


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