The Abracadabra of Your Business

So often I get asked  'what makes businesses successful?'– and it always makes me out pour a big breath - its so many things and its not - what is it? - is it luck – nup, is it hard work – hmm not on its own – is it graft – I doubt it, is it reading every business success book in the universe - err perhaps….or is it a glorious mix of a lot of things or not so many things - aaahhh?… is it simple?…… yes – and no – so I started to think of my favourite things and what their magic is……….

My favourite place for a coffee here in Marlborough New Zealand  is Ritual – it’s like my lounge – an extension of my home, I go there most mornings – why? Yep the coffee is very good, but it’s more than that – the place makes me feel good.  The people are amazing, it can take a while to get served, because they talk with you, answer your questions, look you in the eye, laugh, and remember stuff about you – like an extended family only without the bags, and I like that.  The food is fab – made with love – (I see some of you eye rolling – trust me it makes a difference).  It’s also comfy, and quirky with good sounds – and all this added together in one great room called Ritual, gives this place soul.  It makes me feel safe, and loved and seen and this is what makes it sparkle for me, don’t get me wrong, if the coffee was bad, it wouldn't work, if the food was off, no cigar, and if the people didn't give a brass razoo – big fail - and that my friends is where the magic lies the pieces that belong and connect to make something magic – the 2 +2 = star exploding 6 scenario.

Matt and his team live and breathe Ritual, it’s an extension of them, in the best possible way –not contrived, not forced, just is, with their personality, flair, authenticity and fun oozing from everything they do.  Things just fit like a jigsaw with great shining knobs on. For me it’s like putting on a comfy jersey, snuggly, familiar, warm, uplifting and somehow nourishing for my soul. 

Now, here’s the big wazoo - the trick is to work out what these things are for you and your business –what are the gems that radiate what you are about – does everything speak of these, does your business shine and does 2+2 = 6 for you?


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