Slick and poo and real stuff

The wonderful Jen Louden ( wrote a fabulous post today - Why Perfect Life Narratives Can Make you Feel Like Poo.   (check it out here )  And I wanted to say - Ain't that the truth, amen to that sister followed by an air punch - because its so right.    

Things said where realness is revealed and owned, reverberate around your soul, ding in your head and make you skip.  They sit well - (huh funny that) and best of all they let loose the pressure valve so you can breathe again.    

I think about this a lot in businesses, when I come across something someone is trying to sell me, tell me and it makes me gag, or feel uncomfortable or wrong or not enough - does it make me trust and buy into it - IT DOES NOT.  

What makes me feel safe and seen and good is the real stuff - when the truth is told, the real bits are shown, and the real story is shared. It lets me decide if its for me with no nasty surprises, no what-am-I-doing-here frights.  It makes me feel connected to a bigger picture, a community and it enhances my fabulously un-perfect life.   And I like that.  

Whats it like in your business.  Are you telling your real story? - are you baring at least some of your soul to your people so they can connect and see that your business is real?  And that you are human too.  Are you therefore paddling your own canoe?