What is in your oh sh*t box?

This fabulous question was asked yesterday at a function I was at where the marvelous Dr Deb Shepard was speaking -  it was her that posed this prickly question.  And it resonated so much with me for so many reasons

Being in business is exhilarating, freeing frustrating and sometimes just damn hard.  Hard to see the wood for the trees, hard to get a perspective, and hard to get some space to think critically about your business and where its going.  There are so many 9 step programmes to getting your business earning millions that circulate the digital sphere promising perfection- and while I am not dismissive of them - I am highly skeptical -   Yikes - if you do this an this and this - your business will suddenly transform into the picture perfect capsule delivering you mountains of dollars and an incredibly happy life - whar whar whar -  warning!  These are someone else's solutions for their problems - and hot diggity dog I am thrilled they worked for them - but solutions that fit your business and help carve out your way are going to be far far more effective.

Its those things that prickle you and keep you awake at night that need attention.  They are the things you need to sort out.  You know the ones -  your stomach sinks and you think - oh shit.  Deal with them - Make the elephant in the room disappear, find a trusted ear, set up regular coffee times with peers to go over stuff, set up and advisory board, seek out those that can help and move you and your business forward.

Give me a call - I've got 2 ears and am really good and helping with oh shit boxes....