Simplicity is underrated.  While we are swirling in World Cup euphoria, with emotive headlines, outlandish stories, subterfuge, skulduggery, brilliance and hilariousness - its so easy to be carried way by it all and forget what its all about - kicking running and passing - is what Steve Hansen said - so brilliantly.  How apt, how simple and how very grounding.  Suddenly the focus is sharpened, the way becomes clear.  In the bare bones of it all he is so bang on.   It is that simple.  What it achieves is powerful and nothing short of brilliant.

When you are running your own business it is sometimes hard to remember where you are heading - and more importantly why you are going that way.  however it's disastrous to forget and so why it is vital that you take the time to peel it back to simple stuff.  Why you are doing what you are doing?  Remembering this means you can quietly ground yourself, steady the ship and continue on. 

Walt Disney said their reason for being was 'To make people Happy' - simple and crystal. 
What a fantastic reference point.  

Take the time to get clear on what your reason is so in times of rough water, or euphoria you remember which way to keep going when you come up for air.