Its all about leadership.

Even though the Rugby World Cup is over and a few things have happened in the world that have brought me to with a bump, the brilliant leadership of the All Blacks campaign still has me smiling.  It was a masterclass.  Steve Hansen take a bow.  Its easy to see great leadership when it unfolds in front of you - but how do you actually do it?

Contemplation is your best friend here.  Thinking about what makes you tick and how you want to integrate this into your business is time well spent.  When you get really clear on your values, where you are going, the waka you are paddling and what you will and won't stand for - its soooo much easier to lead well.  Steve Hansen knows these things - its patently obvious in what he says and does.  He led this group of young men not just to victory but to a very well behaved victory (and I don't mean to sound like your mother here).  You simply cannot put on an act and live under the spotlight glare going about your daily routine,  doing things you do and not believe in the culture of your surroundings.  You would be caught out, (its too exhausting and well it would be psychopathic)   This was a team that was very clear on what was expected of them, performance wise and behaviour wise on and off the pitch.  They behaved with grace and humility while annihilating the opposition.  Amazing isn't it, you couldn't help but like them when they behaved like this.  If these values and expectations weren't ingrained into the culture of the organisation this couldn't happen.  They clearly knew their boundaries and what was expected of them, they brought into it all and made it their own.  This only comes from superb leadership.   It wasn't a kill joy strategy, personalities were still allowed to shine, and shine bright they did, we saw incredible social media videos, comments and interactions which all showed the human side of these people while they went about their work.  They felt safe, they felt supported, they knew what was expected and they had the space to do it.  Trust up and down and round about.

Good leadership is like an investment in success - no need to reference the team above to make my point ......imagine what this country would look like if we had inspiring leaders in all our businesses, in our schools and in our government.  If trust was expected, if our leaders were nurtured and valued. If our people felt safe to go about their business and really let their skills shine. If ......

Now think about your business for a moment- does your team know what you expect from them?  Do they see what you see?  How do you communicate what you expect from them and what the rewards will be for everyone, what is the end goal?  How do you lead?