A time to shine light......

Today I was ready to post another blog on leadership, however after the events of the past week or so it seemed - well rather lame.  The world seems in turmoil and it has been interesting to watch the unfolding, mainly on social media, over the last few days.  Of course there was the shock and outrage and now I am heartened by the compassion and unity there is in bigger and bigger pockets in the world.

What happened to people in Paris, Baghdad, Beirut and is happening in other places I don't even know about is appalling and horrific.  However I truly believe its a time of coming together against the people that carry out these heinous acts.  A time of unity of standing up and saying this is not right.  We shall not let this frighten us, instead this will unify us against evil acts by humans against humans. 

Its time for spreading love and kindness and hope.  I know this view will anger people.  And I know often when we are hurting the instinctive thing to do is to hurt back.  It doesn't work. History has shown this.   History has also shown the results of persecution, hatred, racism, and blame.  These things are all rooted in fear.   It is exactly what this group of people wants, to frighten, intimidate, to separate, and by doing this they become stronger.  By not accepting this and coming together makes us all stronger and heals this poison.   This is not an argument about religion or race - this is a stand for what is light and what is dark. 

Some much better stuff has been written and said on this than I have here - have a squizz if you care to and isn't it ironic - I thought a post on leadership was going to be lame - but that is exactly what this is about.  Leadership.  What can you do today that will spread some love, some kindness, some compassion that will show another way for others to follow to gain a much better outcome.   Every bit helps