I like this word - a lot.  It grounds me when I am racing, it reminds me when I get overwhelmed and it guides me when I am teaching.

Cutting things back to the bare bones is beauty in itself.  And makes things much easier.  The framework is there without distracting bits and for me its so much easier to see the way forward.

Complexity is the killer of strategy - and a whole lot more things I would wager.  Getting bogged down and tied up in knots takes you away from the essential path and right off track. (read time and money) Let's face it there are gaboozle loads of distraction monsters out there just teasing you to come over and play.  

Have you looked at your strategy lately - is it a bazillion pages of how to and where is and what not?  Could you simplify  it to one message - the core message of you and your business?  How much easier would that make it to breathe and achieve something?  Or does it scare the whatsits out of you because that is not how it is done in the world of suits?  And how could one message run my business???  I am not saying it is easy - simplicity is hard - complexity is easy.  I lay down a challenge to you - try it - simplify your core message and see what happens.  See if your path illuminates before you. Have a go at writing this in one sentence in the comments below.

Clarity from simplicity - give me a shout if you need a hand - I am good at laser pointing to the core and keeping it simple to achieve big. My desire is to light the path of businesses like yours so you can succeed.  And to revel in simplicity.