What kind of Jenga foundations have you got?


In honour of Dr Seuss's birthday I am going to borrow one of his (many) fabulous quotes

'Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple'

Often I wrangle with questions around my business, like which direction to go in, am I targeting the right people, following dead ends and knotted lines, when the answer so often lies in simplicity.  Simplicity is hard.  Paring back to the bones to get clarity is difficult, especially if you haven't got clear on the foundations on which you stand at the beginning.  If  I go back to my roots, my very being, check in with my heart, there is the forehead-smacking answer.   Getting sure on who you are and what you stand for are fundamental for the success of you and your business.  It gives you clarity in direction and it gives a solidness, withstanding wobbly times in your business becomes easier.

Which brings me back to the title - remember playing Jenga - and how much better it went if you had solid foundations?  Start on wobbly ones and the whole thing turns to a pile of rubble fairly early on- but get solid, and bingo you have a solid Jenga masterpiece - see where I am going - yep foundations for you and your business are just the same.  Get crystal on those things and the path is revealed in be symphony of simplicity - beautiful!