Hard is not a reason

Hard is not a reason - writes  the fab Alexandra Franzen www.alexandrafranzen.com  - she is talking about Airdyne bikes (I had to click on the link to see what they were) well she is and she is obviously writing about so much more...

Ironic isn't it that is easy to make hard the excuse for not doing.  When things get tough, when you wonder WHY do I feel this, and WHEN is this going to end - and ARE you for real?  or worse NOT AGAIN??!  Instead of taking some sort of action to melt the hard away.

It is hard when you are paralysed or exhausted by not knowing what the next step is.  Your mind refuses to open and all you have is dial tone.  But sitting in that hard is no barrel of hoopla.  How do get out of hard - is it a mind thing? do you need to meditate or brain storm, or give yourself a good hard talking to? Is it a physical thing? So you need to run fast up a hill - or get on a Airdyne bike?? Or could it be the deep down guts and determination of remembering your goal and putting one foot in front of the other until you get to where you need today? And ahhh the feeling when you are there - I would love to say its always euphoric - but no, sometimes its just plain relief that you have done something, it could even be a confidence boost that -actually you can do it.  But one thing I know for sure whatever the feeling - is that its a better feeling than being in the 'hard'

What do you do to get out of the hard space?  And do you think it becomes easier to get out of it?  I would love to hear - comment below.

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