I hate cold calling

Ugh - I wont do it.  I have hated it all my selling life - I hated it when I was a fledging sales person and I hate it now 27 years later.  I REFUSE.  Here I am trying different ways to get myself out there - and people kindly offer advice - well you will have to get on the phone and call people.  Get your cold call list out.  No. I. wont.

I am being stubborn.  But not pig headed.  There are a few good reasons why I don't do it and I also will not advocate it for my clients.

It stinks

Yep just plain howls of yuck muck.  It has no integrity, it imposes on people and it drains both sides of any joy.  It forces the caller to be falsely upbeat trying to sell something to somebody who didn't know they wanted it a few seconds before, and still don't want it minutes after your opening gambit.

Its a time waster

When I was forced to do it I didn't make one new sale - or if I made a sale it didn't stick.  Was it my reticence to do it in the first place, maybe or was it the huge mountain you have to climb to convince someone they need something they didn't know about??  I think both.  The unlikely percentage of people that you may strike who need your product or service right when you cold call them is so miniscule it ain't worth the time and effort - or the pain.

There's no soul in it

You know the sick feeling in your stomach when you think about doing this - this is not the time to seize the day and do it - this is the time to listen to your intuition and stop.  There is no growth for your soul in cold calling.

Who needs the abuse?

The rejection, resistance and sneering that can come back down the line to you is something you do not need.  There is enough hard stuff out there without taking another body blow today.  Nuff said. 

Instead how about try these things

1.  Get clear on who you are and who you are targeting

2.  Network more in that area

3.  Connect more with your market -events, speaking engagements, write a blog!

4.  Raise your profile by guest writing for magazines/blogs that are in your sphere

5.  Work out what fires your soul and do more of that to help your business

6.  And if you aren't getting the leads and business you want, find someone who can help you work out why.


Do stuff for your business that makes your eyes shine, rather than sucks the soul from you and your business.   And do the world a favour and RIP cold calling. 


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