I am engaged...

Yesterday I was at an event - RISE for women in business, and heard some amazing women speak.  (www.riseevents.co.nz) .

The overall theme was 'digital disruption' and how it affects our lives.  But what they were really talking about I think was engagement.  Reaching out and connecting with people.  not just anybody - our people and how we do that - well digitally.  The people who need our products and services, re-connecting with the ones who already use them and re-enforcing our cheerleaders. 

People want to form connections, they want to be part of a community its a human need.  And I believe people crave this more and more today - which makes perfect sense as we live our lives more and more digitally and distanced from human touch.  The fast pace of lives, the digital world we inhabit all leave out the human connection which our souls need to survive.  

So its a dilemma - the digital stuff allows us to reach our people - but what makes us connect?

I believe its lots of things - but mostly being human.  Finding your voice and having the guts to just to get it out there.  Having faults and scratchy bits that aren't smooth and perfect.  Being honest and real.  Its hard to show a three dimensional you on a one dimensional screen.    It takes grit and courage and lots of cups of tea.  But is fabulously do-able by being sure of who you are and where you are going, having a voice that is yours and revealing your quirks where you can.

Its a big question - what do you think? How do you do it? how much do you reveal?  I would love to hear in the comments below