Whose knitting are you knitting?

In the humdrum of your day as you go along in your business - have you ever stopped and think - wow where am I?   You suddenly look at what the competition is doing, think - gee things have got a bit quiet -(cue a dollop of fear) - MAYBE  I should be doing a bit more of what they are doing... ?  You get the speed wobbles and panic

Wow there're cowboy - pull up a mo - lets have a chat.

Its really good to  regularly look at your business do some naval gazing, you know check in and see how you are tracking - but only to compare it with your plan Stan - you know, with the path you want to be on. Otherwise you end up tied up in knots, tripping yourself up AND looking like the majority.   That's why is sooooo very important to know your plan and check in with it regularly.

It comes down to having good foundations and the confidence that you are on the right track for what your business stands for and where you want it to go and be going.

I used to look around and compare.  WRONG move - I mostly ended up in a tangled space because I wasn't honouring what I wanted for my business and heading down my vision path.  Its a human thing to do, but a waste of time and energy - and I am all for you saving time and energy for your business.    now I stop and breathe, remember where I am going, try and remember it can't all happen in half a week, and keep putting the foot down on the ground one at a time.  And I bounce off trusted mentors.

When did you last take some time and think about where you were heading?  How do you get that injection of inspiration that is painted in with your colours and spiced just right for you?  I'd love to hear.