the humdrum of consistency

Oh my word its been months (eek)  since I have written - and what a topic today.  I struggle with this all the time- consistently writing a blog to share.  Sitting down to type something on the blank page.  Every Tuesday I need to appear engage.  What gets in the way? - life mainly and my brain freeze - what shall I write about?, what do you want to hear?  What will resonate, what have my clients been struggling with this week? and who will care??

All the busy-ness of a mind that - well just STOPS the writing happening.  This is what I do.  I make myself sit down in front of the keyboard - and breathe.  And s-l-o-w-l-y go over the racing thoughts that are the answers from above and see what nugget starts tearing away from me with ideas and suddenly my fingers are clicking on the key board.  Probably not writers guild 101 - but it works for me - when I sit there.  I also draw help and inspiration from fantastic bloggers and writers like   I love the clarity of her writing and she has some very hot ideas on how to get started too - its about finding someone that resonates with you and diving in.  What do you do?