What do you believe?

What are your competitors up to  - and should you really care?

I say no.  Its none of your business.  All that marketing stuff about who are your competitors and what are they doing - its bull**it.  It really is none of your business- or put another way - it has nothing to do with your business.  What is of far more benefit is being sure of who you are, and what you stand for - and believing everything about your business.  This will have far more impact on your success than keeping tabs on your neighbour. 

If you are clear on this stuff and walk your talk and live and breathe who you are - you create magic.  Think about it,  you can't be caught out by anyone.  Staff, clients or competitors. You wont be doing some half assed marketing campaign that stinks of fluff and nonsense, that doesn't resonate because everything you do is real.  Its subtle and yet powerful stuff. 

Spend the time really knowing who you are  and making sure that threads through your business.  You benefit from how much easier things are, your staff are clear on what they stand for, and your clients can engage with you easily.  In short - you and your business have confidence.  And I bet you want give a monkey's what they are doing round the corner. 

What do you believe about your business?