Do you smile with your whole body?

Are you living your dream? Are you working in the thing that makes you skip and dance inside?  Good.  It makes living a fabulous life so much easier.

Oh but you aren't?  How come you aren't smiling?  You aren't working your dream - do you need to sort an exit plan?  Or do you need to make some tweaks because you used to feel the magic - and lately, well not so much. 

Feeling like this, well it sucks in all kinds of ways -  energy from you and your business - it affects morale, productivity and therefore the bottom line.  You gotta get back in the groove.  Finding that thang that puts a spring in your step is key to other stuff falling into place - because we all know when you are in a slump, suddenly you find yourself on a downward spiral - the old saying of like attracts like is very pertinent. 

You gotta get out of the fishbowl for a bit.

Spending time re-aligning with your vision and goals is time and money well spent.  You could think of it like an investment in you and your business.  I was listening to a speaker the other night who was talking about this stuff and he showed a chart of what is important to business (rated by businesses)- and vision and strategic direction was right up there at No 2 on the list - and then he showed a list of what actually gets done - and these things found their way to the bottom and off the chart at no 16.


I know marketing and strategy can have a lot of ick around them - but when its done with heart and makes your whole body smile with the real-ness of it all - this is gold people.  This is where the magic happens.

Spend some time dreaming about what puts the sparkle in your eyes and inject some of that jungle juice into your business - and watch things change.  Watch the energy shift in you - and your business and see it start on the upward spiral.  Watch things expand and marvel at the magic.  Spend time thinking about your vision and strategy and feel the lurve again.  You will fine leading from this place is easy because you don't really have to think about it much.  When you lead from a place of truth and fun, you can't help but infect people with your energy - and because you believe it, no one can take it away - its the real McCoy people - and it will make you smile with your whole body.