What Does Success Mean To You?

Have you ever sat down and contemplated this?  And even scribbled stuff down about it?  What would your answer be?

Its a big question - and really important for the foundation and direction of your business.

Would it involve money and recognition?  Is it about the number of employees, the size of your business, the number of customers or the size of your bank account? - or is it something to do with how your business runs, how happy your employees are, or about the lifestyle you want to lead - or leave??

Is your success goal objective (title, salary, size of company) or subjective (happy home life, empowered and happy employees?  The mix or not of the above could be the reason you are not feeling as fulfilled as you would like or your business is not going in the direction that you envisioned.

Thinking about which side of the fence you like to be on (or maybe the mix of both) and then comparing this to where the culture of your business sits, may be an interesting exercise - if you align - woohoo for you - and if not what can you do to make the values of your business line up more with the things that are important to you?   

Try it, where the changes are needed may surprise you - hey it may even be fun - What have you got to lose? 

Having trouble doing this yourself?  Give me a shout - seeing the wood for the trees is one of my super-powers, and straight talking is another.