Do you know your own value?

Its difficult when you live in your own skin to get outside and get a perspective.  Because you hang around with yourself for a good deal of the time, remembering what your superpowers are, can be difficult.  And yet these are the very things you need to be polishing up for show regularly so you can attract the right people who need your help.

Being in a small or smallish business means you do many things - and isn't it fabulous. You don't have a be contained in a box, and all this multi tasking keeps you learning and reaching.  It can also take your focus on what you do best - remembering the things that your clients (and potential clients) love about you. 

Spending some time doodling about what makes you feel like you can conquer all, that the fire in your belly has just taken up residence in your eyes and the spring in your step could send you over mountains is valuable stuff grasshopper.  Its a good way to focus on remembering those jewels of yours that are your catalyst for feeling good and making a difference in the business lives of your clients.  What sets you apart?  What are your superpowers?    There is no better feeling than hanging out in that sandpit - and feeling the magic happen.

When you know this stuff and infuse it through your business, your right people will be attracted to you and better still they will get your worth.  And ain't that just the dandiest thing.

Need help to work out what your own special sparkle is?  Give me a shout, setting you on your path is my belly fire and lights up stars in my eyes. 

What sends constellations to your eyes?  Would love to hear - comment below - go on you know you want to!