Fear IsThe Slammer Of All Things Good

You come up with this idea - it comes out of no-where seemingly, and it lights you up like the September Christmas Tree in the local shops, and you feel INSPIRED!  It feels amazing that you want to run around in circles and grab anyone that will listen to tell them about this incredible thing!

And then, along comes doubt to bite a big chunk out of that inspiration, and along comes the voice in your head that says - oh somebody else is already doing that to snuff out the lights in your eyes, and hello other voices that say, well it probably wouldn't work anyway, and could you really do that, and would you have the time and it would just be hard ....... and before you know it the fear blanket has extinguished every light from your inspiration and it has crawled back into the recesses of your mind - where it belongs....or does it?

You have to be wary of that thing called fear.  It can snuff out the best things before they even get started.  You have to take it by the hand and give it a good talking to, and reign it in.  I am not saying banish it completely - because that is ridiculous, just don't give it carte blanche control of your life.  Don't let it make the decisions - for ANYTHING

If your idea is inspired and it lights up your eyes, fills you with energy and pure excitement and makes you feel like you have just downed 55 espressos?   -then you should do it.   This incredible feeling also has a lot to do with the why you want to do it - , not the how.  How, is a fear magnet.  Write down your whys and let them be thy mantra.

I am not promising that it will all be flowers and unicorns - there are shit sandwiches every where my dear - said somebody.  The test - Is it worth it to eat them?  And that is it.  Is it worth it to eat them to get through the bit that doesn't feel so much inspired and if the answer is YES then whoop! whoop!  You are doing the right thing.  Finding your true purpose and loving the why will make handling the shit sandwiches so much easier.   

And so -  do you have the courage to not listen to that fear voice and let that flare of inspiration come forth and burn - do you have the courage to live your why's and to follow what lights you up?