Who is Most Important?

I saw something today as I was procrastinating about writing this by scrolling through Facebook, something attributed to Richard Branson - (and I have no idea if they were his words - after all you can't believe everything you read can you???)  but they hit a chord

'Clients do not come first - employees come first.  If you take care of your employees they will take care of the clients.'

Ooo that's good stuff.  Back when I was working for others, it often struck me that the biggest asset the business had was its people, and sadly not all of the owners got that.  Happy people make for a happy business, its not a big leap.  Being clear on who you are and what you stand for and steering the ship confidently through the murky waters of business is a big dollop of the recipe to providing a thriving happy safe environment for your people.  Oh and appreciation goes a long way too....

You can't possibly do it all on your own, you need like minded happy others around you to help you get to where you want to go - and guess what? Get this happening and you will findthe right clients are attracted to your business, they are loyal and even better they become your biggest cheerleaders. 

Now don't get me wrong, finding the right people to work with you can sometimes be a challenge.  However, do the ground work first and you will have a much better chance of attracting the right people to you and keeping them.

Employees - the most valuable asset on your books - put in boundaries and consequences, lead with confidence, share your vision, appreciate, appreciate, appreciate and see what this does for you and your business.