Follow the leader

I was at a conference last week - love conferences, even for the simple fact they let you have time out of the fishbowl to look at things differently, anyhow, it was a fantastic conference actually, full of inspiring people, empowering people and collaborative energy. It was uplifting and wonderful and a stark contrast to the pretty poor examples of bad horrible nasty yucky leadership on the internet of late -  It got me thinking about leadership, what ARE the qualities that we need in our businesses, in our families, and in our communities? 

Whoa, big stuff there Zebedee, what are they?  and why do they matter?  Well I think its very personal but here is what I believe

That empowering a team is a lot more productive on so many levels than controlling

You empower by giving the gift of trust - doesn't mean you always agree with them but when you trust them to do the job and do it well, this is empowerment.  And rarely are decisions world ending.  This also encourages really good collaboration, because it is safe to do so.

Leading with your heart - knowing deep down what is the right thing to do - is rarely the wrong thing

Being courageous - to say the things that are not popular, that go against the flow - because they need to be said (for the right reasons of course).

Acknowledging the past (because its shaped who you are) accepting the present and looking to the future - keeping your eyes on the horizon so you can see and feel how it will be to be there and its important to have a vision to aim for.

Wanting the best for all - means checking your ego at the door on the way through and forgetting to pick it up again.  It's a very rare occasion that we need our ego.

What do you think defines good leadership? - I'd love to hear, comment below and let's start a conversation to improve our businesses, our lives and our communities for the better of all.