Put Your Customers Shoes On

We all belong to different communities and organisations, whom we interact with on a daily, weekly or less regular basis.  A notice came out from one of my communities recently, and it caused a bit of (unnecessary) bedlam.

I don't need to go into the whys or wherefores or whatchamacallits, and I know the message sent out was done with the best of intentions, however it was done from one side - their side.   They had forgotten how it is in the worlds they were sending the message to. 

Put your customers shoes on, and see how the world looks from their angle.

Its a simple tool, and sometimes an eye opening, gob smacking one.  One that can also save you a whole lot of unnecessary grief.  Saves you putting out fires, mending fences and leaves that energy for the forward momentum you are trying to get in your business or community.  Because your world is the world you are in all the time its really easy to forget that your world can be an nth of the world your community lives in and therefore they don't have the luxury of understanding all the processes and thought you go through to get where you are - your community needs to catch up with you.   Had the big bahloos of this community taken a few minutes to sit in the chairs of the receivers - I believe the message would have changed.

Sit in your customers chair see how the world looks from their side, and feel how the message lands - what questions and/or concerns come up?  What are you trying to achieve by writing to them/advertising/sending a newsletter.  It may change how you communicate.