To do or what to do?

Quick thoughts today.  I was with a client yesterday who was ruminating over what to do - should she advertise, should she not, how , where, what who with - argh (cue head explosion)

What was driving this? the old  Fear Freeze.  Recognise it?  Fear of not doing it, fear of doing it, fear of not doing it right, fear of doing it wrong, fear of missing out, round and round until you are tied up in a ball of fear spaghetti that means you are immobilised and you do nothing.  We all suffer from it - how you deal with it is the de-frostimaker.

Here's a checklist (you're welcome)

Will it break the bank?  (no? continue)

Can you measure its success or un-success?  ( yes? continue)

Does it highlight your unique differences?

Does it play to your strengths ( how could you change it so it does)

What have you got to lose?

Move through the procrastination fear trap and move on.  There is very little that you do that will stop the sun rising tomorrow, and a lot you could be doing a whole lot better if you just free your mind from the fear freeze.


Gotta run - have a fabulous Wednesday