Flares, diamonds and concrete walls

I see some incredible businesses doing some fantastic things, with really great people working in them and always with a really heart warming story.  And it always surprises me, - how come it took me so long to find them?  Taking a step back I got to thinking -

How do business owners make sure that their fantastic-ness gets out to the world?  Are they aware of the energy and huge care-about-the-business vibes their staff have, do they know what amazing stuff they are doing and how different and cool and crazy good it is compared to what else is out there? 

Or have they got caught up in the day to day stuff that slowly puts concrete walls around them and doesn't let people find their diamonds and worse doesn't allow the magnificence of what they are doing out - The bubbling excitement boiling around in the business that is so infectious, gets caged. 

It's so important to tell your story, to work out what your magic is and to paddle that vessel out there and shout -'HERE WE ARE' with confidence and brightness so you can be found.

Don't make your people mine for you - they haven't the time.  Make it easy for them to see you, shine your flares, torches and fairy lights if that's your thing and  bang bang bang on your drum.  Get infectious!