Kindness - Is it a jersey in your business wardrobe?

I was with a client this morning, and we got talking about small things and how you never know what impact you are making on someone's life.  And all day -every where I have turned that's all I have seen, comments, and sayings about kindness - so this is what this is about today - the profound impact a simple act of kindness can have on life. 

What if the act is unconscious?  I am sure you have all had times when someone has said - remember when you said or did that for me - well thank you - it changed my life, my direction, my thinking....and it can take your breath away, because you had no idea.

On the other hand, consciously done kindness can be just as powerful.  It gives you and your team a reason to feel proud that in some way you have made your community or the world a better place to be, a pass it on thing like measles but waaay better.

One of my clients is sponsoring a young person to make a difference in the community, one gives free coffee to those who may not be able to afford one, and I heard about a business giving an extra $30 in their employees pay and encouraged them to give it to someone less fortunate - if they wanted, no questions asked.   All feel good and very cool things. 

Have you thought about what you could be doing in your business - that was cool and kind and made you feel good?  And bonus - it made a huge difference in the life of somebody and helped changed your community.

Need help throwing away that reindeer jumper Aunty Mabel gave you and getting a very groovy one that fits you and your business better?  Give me a shout I have a list of fab ideas and organisations that might fit your business wardrobe.