Chocolate Brownie Recipe - with gratitude

I had a wonderful day yesterday - I was privileged to be asked to speak at Kate Webb's Rise 2016 event here in Marlborough - with a gaggle of amazing women, all with amazing stories to tell.  It was very inspiring and has me excited about life and I loved it.

One of the lovely things Kate does for her speakers is she contacts a significant other and asks them to write a few words about them so she can use these words to introduce her speaker - my significant other wrote some beautiful words, that rattled my already jangling stomach and among them he said I made a good chocolate brownie - which is praise indeed, because chocolate is not really his thing.

So here dear hearts is that recipe, which I share with much gratitude and a big smiley face to have been involved with such a nourishing inspirational event.

Ang's Choc Brownie

250g butter                                                                                                              ½ cup cocoa                                                                                                           1 c sugar                                                                                                               4 eggs                                                                                                                   140g ground almonds (or 2 packets of the pre packaged ground almonds)                                                                                                         Pinch salt                                                                                                                Vanilla powder/essence/paste – whatever you have

Melt butter, add cocoa, sugar and eggs, beat until mixed, and add almonds, salt and vanilla.  Bung in a tin at 180oC and cook for 15-20 mins – will still be squishy in middle – if you prefer it firmer cook it longer

Additions                                                                                                                    It’s really the most forgiving recipe – you can add anything that you think goes well with chocolate – I sometimes add squares of Whittaker’s dark Ghana 72% which are fun to find in a piece when you are eating it.

Frozen raspberries – need to cook it 5-10 mins longer                                Coconut – half and half with almonds (so reduce almonds)                         Orange rind – or/and Cointreau

So go forth and cook and enjoy - its perfect for a grey day which we have here, great with coffee, with a big dollop of cream,  and it will make your Thursday fabulous