I'm gonna feed that one.....

Phew what a week - and its Wednesday!  What a week!  With all that's happening in the world,  its an interesting time, an emotional time, and some pretty ugly stuff is being shown in our media, on social media streams and its just plain yuck.  And I found myself being sucked into the crap energy of it all, and it wasn't any fun.  Then some good stuff showed up - as yin yang laws (or whatever you like to call it) teaches us. 

Some really good stuff - some wonderful children in Bristol handing out flowers to strangers and saying have a wonderful day....just because, they also then went to the local library and put book marks in random books that said uplifting things like have a great day - smile......have a look at it here....https://www.facebook.com/pointswest/videos/834021570026321/?hc_location=ufi

And then I found this wonderful thing, its right here in Aoteroa, Godzone NZ, Cafe's with a conscience, have a look here ...http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/food-wine/food-news/80305741/new-zealand-cafes-with-a-conscience. 

Ahh and they were like balms on an ugly sore- and it felt better to be reading about really good things people are doing - people who are about other people, who care about their communities and bigger than this - are making a difference.  What a fantastic idea - what really resonated with me was that 'this is a completely different business model' Yahoo - lets celebrate that - there is no blueprint, and doing stuff from your heart, doing stuff that lights your eyes, doing things that resonates with that part of you inside that makes you go whoop whoop this feels GOOD!  I'm actively going to look out for these stories, the ones that feel expansive, that inspire, that touch and transform people, families and communities.  This is the stuff I am going to feed,  this is the stuff I am going to concentrate on, these are the stories I am going to tell and celebrate. 

Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.” .....Maya Angelou. 

Spreading some sunshine.......how do you do it?