Marketing Schmarketing

I have pretty much spent that last 15 years defending marketing.  It gets a beating.  its undervalued, misunderstoond and taken for granted, in short it gets a pretty bad rap.

And actually some of its justified, there are some pretty crappy campaigns out there that are designed to take your money and leave a big hole in your wallet and you wanting.  Some people think marketing is about ads or low prices. It's not. It's about trust, connection, promises and fundamentally who we are.

Why you do what you do,  and how you do it - its that simple - but this gets lost in the day to day busyness of doing, and the value of it is forgotten.

Potential clients have said to me - oh yeah we will get you in- but right now my business is going pretty good.  We are busy. 

What happens when its not.

What have you got to fall back on?  Where are your foundations?  Have you built a following of engaged stakeholders (read customers promoters, word of mouth lovers)  do you know what you are made of - can you still see the path to your goals?

When your business is going well is the PERFECT time to do the work, to know what you are made of, and who you are in service to.  You need to be connecting, (talking engaging) and taking them along for the ride, after all you never know when you might need them.