Do You Trust Me?

How much do you value trust in your business?  Do you have a place for it on your balance sheet? 

Every time you connect with your people (staff or clients) you either invest in your trust account or you take away from it.  If you do things that aren't in line with what you stand for and cut corners, save a few dollars, you are robbing your trust account.  And it will hurt your business.

Trust is what keeps your people, your tribe, your clients, your staff whatever you want to call them,  feeling safe, it keeps them with you and makes them loyal. 

Its innate in us. We are always looking for signs that it still feels safe, we may not be able to articulate it, but its inherent and that's how we survive.  We may not be looking out for saber tooth tigers anymore, but the 'am I safe?'  alarm bell is alive and well in all of us. 

You can write words and pontificate 'til the cows come home, if you don't do what you say you will do - if you don't walk the talk, live and breathe who and what you are, sooner or later your people will become not your people and check out, and good luck trying to get them back. 

Its a beautiful thing when your actions line up with your words, things flow and magic happens.