Fear - The killer of the beginning

I have found Suits.  Probably a little late to the party, I am what the Madge badge people call a late adopter...although I have binge watched all 6 seasons in 2 weeks, ( I know a Harvey, Donna, Louis, Mike immersion fest - bliss)  - so I wonder if that makes me 'an accelerated to back of the queue of the early adopters....??  is there even a badge for this ...but I digress.

On one episode there was a brilliant exchange between Donna and Louis (I know all Donna's exchanges are brilliant) anyway she was telling a story about the man who was driving in the country and got a flat tyre.  Miles from anywhere he also realised he didn't have a jack - when he noticed a farmhouse in the distance.  I'll go and ask for help he thought.  So while walking toward the farmhouse he started the inner dialogue, - what if they don't like me, what if I don't like them, what if they are not home, what if they don't have a jack, what if they do and they want to charge me $5, what if they charge me $30, what if...until he knocked at the door - and as it opened he yelled "I don't want your damn jack anyway' and stomped off.....

What inner dialogue have you got going on talking you out of taking the first step in your next adventure?