Getting the Connection Right

I was at a sports game the other day and I came back to my car and found a card stuck to my window from a business trying to rally support.  Does this happen to you?  How do you feel about it?

Anyway I got thinking - I know this is a way businesses have used to get their message out for eons - but honestly is it still relevant?  To me it feels old and actually just a bit annoying.  I didn't ask for it, it wasn't something I was interested in and I threw it in the bin.  What a waste! This person has spent money on the cards and spent precious time putting these things out.  Granted its a cheap cut corners splatter kind of marketing but I do wonder if they considered the negative effect this could have on their business.

Resources are precious and of course the last thing any business would do is run a campaign that was negative.  But what if you spent time not cutting corners, getting deeper into who your customers are, what they were about and how to talk to them.  A targeted approach. A longer approach and investing in your business.

Anything you do its a risk - but which is bigger - spending a bit more time and really understanding your market or a quick fire she'll be right approach in which you run the risk of annoying people who will NEVER recommend your business and may even go out of their way to talk smack about it.  Lost customers before you even had a chance to get them.

These days information comes at us from so many angles - the positive thing about this is its easier than ever to find a way to talk to your people,  and by building this community, they become your cheerleaders. 

I say spend your time wisely - work out who your people are and talk to them rather than employing the shotgun effect which could be doing more damage than you think.

Need help figuring out who your people are?  Give me a shout, I can sort this for you - its may take less time than you think!