Another post in the YEEHA pages

As winter reluctantly steps aside to allow the first glimpses of spring, here is an inspiring story of community

There are some amazing people amongst us.  They lived in a street where at the top lived a reclusive type woman in a very dilapidated house.  It looked like it hadn't had any love for many years, in fact it looked abandoned, however it was this woman's home.  These were newish neighbours having moved across the street from her about a year ago, and gradually they befriended the woman and being handy type people they started repairing bits of this woman's deck, fearing she would fall through.  The also were concerned for the trees that had grown big and wild for years, so they trimmed them for her, fixed her gate and made her a letterbox.  And the house looked more loved.  The found a path long lost under ivy, and a few shrubs forgotten about,  and then these resourceful beautiful people went and asked the local DIY store if they would donate some paint - because the house needed a coat or two.  I would have put money if you touched the place it would have fallen over, however it did not, and these kind people sanded and painted, and roped in neighbours to help shift scaffolding, and help put up new barge boards, and fashion metal bits for the roof to stop it leaking.  All because they cared about this woman's wellbeing.

The house looks unrecognizable and so did thebeautiful soul living there, she too felt the love.

I was saddened to hear there had been 'anonymous' complaints to the policeabout these kind generous souls (who not only have donated their time, they have paid for many materials themselves) about being a nuisance and harassing this woman.  Sad because this was the default response for them, because they assumed and instead of celebrating some good people in our community doing a fine thing they immediately defaulted to foul play.

These kind neighbours do not want kudos, and they don't want recognition - they have done it because its the right thing to do, because community matters and this woman's place here matters to them.

Heart warming stuff and food for thought don't you think?