The Power of Asking

Recently I was involved in an incredible project.  A friend thought it would be a good idea to ride from Cape Reinga to Bluff (for all you non NZ readers - that's the top of our country to the bottom)  2100km odd - in a time that beat the current record of 4 days 17 hours and 40 minutes.  I know, its bonkers - and he not only wanted to break the record he wanted to raise money for kids-

Follow the leader

 was at a conference last week - love conferences, even for the simple fact they let you have time out of the fishbowl to look at things differently, anyhow, it was a fantastic conference actually, full of inspiring people, empowering people and collaborative energy. It was uplifting and wonderful and a stark contrast to the pretty poor examples of bad horrible nasty yucky leadership on the internet of late -  It got me thinking about leadership, what ARE the qualities that we need in our businesses, in our families, and in our communities?