Leadership, Class and Grace

 love the All Blacks - always been a bit of a fan. (understatement of the week) And this rugby world cup has made me even more of a zealous supporter if that is possible- and not only because of their skills, which are indeed 'alright (Note the Steve Hansen-ism there) - its the way they have conducted themselves on and off the pitch that has me in awe, the leadership of this team has been, well - outstanding. 

Who is Most Important?

I saw something today as I was procrastinating this by scrolling through Facebook, something attributed to Richard Branson - (and I have no idea if they were his words - after all you can't believe everything you read can you???)  but they hit a chord

'Clients do not come first - employees come first.  If you take care of your employees they will take care of the clients.'

Do you smile with your whole body?

Are you living your dream? Are you working in the thing that makes you skip and dance inside?  Good.  It makes living a fabulous life so much easier.

Oh but you aren't?  How come you aren't smiling?  You aren't working your dream - do you need to sort an exit plan?  Or do you need to make some tweaks because you used to feel the magic - and lately, well not so much. 

I hate cold calling

Ugh - I wont do it.  I have hated it all my selling life - I hated it when I was a fledging sales person and I hate it now 27 years later.  I REFUSE.  Here I am trying different ways to get myself out there - and people kindly offer advice - well you will have to get on the phone and call people.  Get your cold call list out.  No. I. wont.

What kind of Jenga foundations have you got?

In honour of Dr Seuss's birthday I am going to borrow one of his (many) fabulous quotes

'Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple'

Often I wrangle with questions around my business, like which direction to go in, am I targeting the right people, following dead ends and knotted lines, when the answer so often lies in simplicity.  Simplicity is hard.