If you build a business based on your unique vision, values and skills, something magical happens.

Marketing starts to feel like it fits you like your favourite pair of merino long johns, not like you’re struggling to fit into some tacky salesy box. You’ll attract loyal supporters and you’ll be able to lead from a place of real confidence in your ability to make your own decisions about what matters to you. Your team, if you have one, will be on side, and what’s more, you’ll be able to give them the wings to fly in beautiful formation.

The path to great leadership is not always well lit. So often we hide away in uncertainty when we should be stepping up with strength and a good dose of Kiwi ingenuity and ‘hell, yeah!’

So often, we stay in the slipstream of those other businesses out there, when we should be out racing into the sun and spray, going our own way.

We also doubt our own ability to lead. We don’t know how to make our staff feel safe or how to judge whether we’re making the right decisions. 

Marketing with duct tape?   I’ll show you how to get solid.

Marketing with duct tape? I’ll show you how to get solid.

I’m Angela Wilson. I’m a marketing mentor and business strategist and my job is to help you unlock the brilliant, visionary leader inside you. 

Why leadership? Because that’s the bottom line. Except, think ripples rather than straight lines. 

Informed decisions made with heart, integrity, and respect create waves of trust, loyalty and ultimately, buoyancy both financially and—critically—in terms of how safe, productive, inspired and supported your staff feel. And that’s not just an empty metaphor.

It’s the key to long term success.

And yet so many of our business leaders never believe they have the right to step up and claim that for themselves, their business and their community. So many ‘marketing‘ solutions are stop-gap, duck-tape, ‘she’ll be right‘ superficial and just ineffective. So many of us end up on an endless yellow brick road, searching for some Wizard to bestow the answers.

Well guess what. I’m not into bestowing. I’m more like Glinda the Good Witch, minus the wings and bouffant. You had the power all along, my dear. Which, of course,  means squat, if you don’t know how to unlock it. 

Helping you unlock it. That’s my job. No wizards. No flashy gurus. Just straight talking, guts-of-your-business, guffawing clarity.

I’ll walk alongside you. Come and say hello.

‘Its obvious to me you really enjoy seeing people succeed doing what they love. You made suggestions that were very ‘left field’ to me. Having somebody who was thinking in different patterns opened up a whole new world of possibilities.
— Matt Hellriegel - Ritual Coffee and Cafe

Hi, I'm Angela Wilson.  I help people in business get clear on who they are, where they want to go and how to get there.  Simplicity is my mantra - and I just love it when the light goes on and a spark is ignited.  Seeing the wood for the trees, asking asking and asking are my modus operandi with a good dose of directness and gut feeling.  Clarity, Strategy, Results.  That's it really - and empowering you to achieve - when can we start?