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1.  Who The Hell Are You? - For Your Business

Are you new in business? Or are you a start-up venture that needs clarity and direction on what YOUR business is GREAT at? 

Or have you been in your business for a while and you need to re-group?  Need some outside perspective?                                                                                          

Benefits fOR:

Start up Businesses

  •  Clarity with direction

  •   What is great about you and how to use that

Established Businesses

  •  Direction clarity

  • What is great about your business now


2.  Who the Hell Are You? - For You in Your Business Life

Frustrated with where you are at?  Can't seem to get any perspective on where you are going?  Need some focus and clarity on what your superpowers are and finding your spark?

It goes like this - we meet I ask you some questions and call you on the stalling blocks, and hold up the light so you can see your path.  I can help you identify the things that make your eyes shine and put a spring in your step, see where you are going and the steps to get there.  Clear Direction for your calling.


You helped put the confidence back in me to just believe in myself. You also simplified what my heart morals were/are and that I have the absolute right to do what makes me tick. You are an amazing motivator who guided me by simply helping me to be myself. You do this with warm and gentle words and a genuine heart. When I left our session I found energy that came from your real and genuine want for me to succeed.
— Alexandra Matthews

3.  PR plan

Do you have an event coming up that needs shouting from the rooftops but you haven't got time or the headspace to do it? then leave it to me!   We will sit down work out a plan of where the best avenues are, sort out the best approach that suits you and your business and Voila! sorted.

Angela Wilson was the driving force behind my social media weapon for The Long White Ride. Not only was Angela able to help set up and run my web page, but she promoted the event through local gatherings, radio, word of mouth, national social media sites, and our fundraising events. Angela’s sense for what people wanted and needed to know was one of the main reasons my event grew beyond expectations and helped raise over $50k for local children.
The world of social media has become a 24hr a day game and Angela was able to take charge during my week-long event and this helped it become a national-wide story.
I highly recommend Angela – you will get a professional, respectful and committed team member.
Craig Harper

4.  Getting Through - A Project Manager

Do you have ideas bubbling in the background that would take you and your business to the next level but - you just don't have the time,  to achieve it? 

Then -  download to me, and I can go away and sort out a Plan Stan that can help you get that idea off the ground- now you don't have to die wondering...


5.  Practicing What You Preach

An implementation or How to Plan

I spend time with you and your business,  seeing how you roll and give you a plan of how to put in place the above, (see no. 1) with consideration to your resources and how you like to run your business.  This includes communication strategies for staff and customers, engagement points for staff and customers, and we monitor the implementation.


6.  Fresh Eyes for your Business

Some down to earth, points that will make your business more profitable and run better.

I come in, observe, ask lots of questions and talk to you about some things you can change that will make a difference to your bottom line.

I can give perspective and I guarantee I will see things that will resonate but you were just too close to see. 

This will let you take a break, get clarity, confidence and re-invigorate your vision.     

We will draw up a plan, monitor its success, tweak as necessary,  achieve your goals.                                            



7.  A Sounding Board

Sometimes you just need someone to bounce stuff off.

We meet say every month or so – over a coffee and have a good chin wag about where things are at, where you would like to be.  Throw about some ideas and solutions .

Think of it like your conscience. 


Ang Wilson is intuitive and holistic, she makes my heart sing! She’s the business!
— Jim Tannock - Jim Tannock Photography